Sales Terms

Sales Terms and Conditions:
1. Purchase Orders:
Once a purchase order is placed and confirmed we move quickly to procure the necessary raw materials so that we can deliver the product in a timely fashion. Accordingly  once a purchase order has been confirmed  it cannot be changed or cancelled without the consent of Prolab.

2. Lead Times
Standard lead times are 6 – 8 weeks from date of purchase order.  Lead times maybe longer depending on specific raw material availability. If a deposit is required with an order, the lead time begins once the deposit is received.

3. Shipping:
All orders are FOB Prolab unless otherwise agreed.

4. Interest:
Unpaid invoices which are passed due shall accrue interest of 24% per annum, 1.808% compounded monthly.

5. Legal Fees:
Purchaser agrees to pay all of Prolab’s costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

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